Happy Holidays !

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  1. Jann Krieger-Wittneben says:

    Saw “Red” the first day it was out. Loved it! Could possibly be most favorite “BWillis” movie ever! Bought dvd last night (blue ray), came immediately home to watch movie, and it didn’t work. Husband went back to store, got another one, again, didn’t work. Went back for the 3rd time, got a regular dvd and it worked – Finally! Anyway, you need to know how whoever is making your dvds aren’t doing a very good job of it. No one wants to make multiple trips to a store (Wallyworld) to get one dvd!
    Thank you for letting me vent!
    Jann KW, Pearland, TX

  2. Mityi says:

    Hi Bruce. I live in Russia. Here seen an advertisement of one bank, there’s your picture. It is interesting to me, they soglosovali it with you? Your fan.

  3. Judy Johnson says:

    Hi Bruce
    I just brought a vynol 12″ copy on Motown of you singing “Save the last dance for me” 1989
    Did I hear someone say collectors item?

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