Yours for £10m: Bruce Willis’s Beverly Hills home

Hollywood’s favourite tough guy, Bruce Willis, is a hotshot in the property world. Now he is selling his £10 million Los Angeles mansion.

Bruce Willis, the likeable Hollywood action hero, star of Die Hard and Pulp Fiction, usually wins the day on screen. But when it comes to shifting his house, it turns out he is just like the rest of us.
Well, sort of. The amounts involved still suggest “megastar” rather than “ordinary bloke”. Willis has been trying to sell his Beverly Hills mansion. At first he put it on the market for £13.2 million ($22 million), in May 2013. Then in August it was reduced to £12 million ($20 million). Now the price has been cut to a mere £10.8 million ($18 million), almost a 20 per cent reduction on its original listing.

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  1. valerie martin says:

    What a beautiful home!! I hope one day when I have enough money, me and my two girls will come over to view your home, all the way from Dundee, Scotland…

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