Happy Birthday Bruce !!!

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  1. nachiketh says:

    HAPPy BIRTHDAY for BruCe Will_iS 57th birthday

  2. Suelen says:

    Happy 57th years Bruce!

  3. Alexander says:

    I congratulate all heart!
    You’re the best!

  4. yayan says:

    Happy Birthday Bruce…you have zodiac likeme….Pisces…I born 16 March

  5. yayan says:

    Happy Birthday Bruce…you have zodiac like me….Pisces…I born 16 Marc..Iam from Indonesia..Iam your number fan

  6. Dave Bott says:

    It’s my 57th birthday too. Happy Birthday!

  7. Matias kruse says:

    Happy birthday bruce your movies is a great success hope u have a pleasant say

  8. Mickey says:

    Happyyyyyyyyyyy birthday Mr Willis!!!God bless you!!!!!!

  9. Mrs. Gale says:

    Happy birthday to a legend !!! The Man on top of the world !! All the best to you and the day, may this year be a joyful one for you to remember !!

  10. Andy says:

    Happy Birthday from Swizerland Bruce.
    Best Andy

  11. Svenner23 says:

    happy birthday from germany to you !!!

  12. Tori says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Willis!
    I hope you had a wonderful day and celebration! Best wishes to you in your future endeavors! Love your work!

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