Bruce Willis offers to donate his Idaho ski area

If I hear correctly and there is nothing wrong with my hearing Bruce Willis is ready to give more to charity. This time Willis is willing to give away his central Idaho ski resort to a nonprofit cause.
The superstar has already put up his exquisite mansion near Hailey, Idaho on the market; and that mansion alone could cash in for at least $15 million. Willis has also given away a local bar and a night club (The Mint), which are listed at around $4 million.
News about Willis latest selfless act first broke through the Idaho Mountain Express. According to them Willis is ready to give more to Idaho. Later reports were confirmed when the Camas Country leaders reiterated Willis’ desire of giving away his Soldier Mountain ski area in Fairfield to the right nonprofit organization.
Willis, who is probably best known for the “Die Hard” series and the “Sixth Sense” owns the ski resort since the late 1990s. The whole enclosure can boast about 1,150 acres of in-bounds terrain, and its three lifts, which provide access to a vertical height of 1,425 feet.
Soldier Mountain is a popular alternative to the swanky Sun Valley ski resort, which approximately 65 miles away. The laid-back alluring image of Soldier Mountain often attracts families and skiing fanatics.
Soldier Mountain has a special permit from the U.S. Forest Service. John Palan, who is a longtime Soldier Mountain Employee, hopes his organization the Soldier Mountain Recreation Association can get enough help from donors to take over the ski area.
“If we can get our ducks in a row, seek sponsors and new members, we would like to transfer the Forest Service permit and continue operations,” said Palan. Palan also informed that the ski area had been operating under losses for several years, however he refrained from elaborating on the issue.
Back in the 1990s, Willis and his former wife Demi Moore became a popular icon in Idaho’s lucrative Sun Valley region. Since then they have acquired several establishments in the region. Willis or members from his team are yet to comment over this recent act of philanthropy.
Willis gesture of selling his ski area would not only benefit the region but future winter sport events would also have another location.


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