October 4, 2010 candids

Bruce Willis shoots a segment for Letterman Show on October 4, 2010 :

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  1. Mark Williams says:

    The comic book heroes are out there! And they are doing a lot of Superheroes and other not so super…
    If you ever get an offer or asked to do a special hero of mine, please do so. You would the perfect Sgt.
    From the comic book “Our Army at War”….Sgt. Rock!(Of Easy Company). You look like him from the start!!!! I hope the producers out there decide on a war picture and pick Rock, and then pick you.. Thank you for your time to hear me through. Mark.

  2. cath hankins says:

    I was ill for a while and had a lot of time to watch some great films, one being Clark Gable best( I thought)MAGAMBO…….Bruce Willis would be really great in something like that. Alsp to bring some of the great films back.

  3. cath hankins says:

    Witty dialogue Bruce would be great.

  4. yayan says:

    John Mc Clane My Favorite Hero..

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