Nov 21, 2010 candids – Bruce Willis out for lunch in Santa Monica

Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming are seen heading out for lunch in Santa Monica Santa Monica, California on November 21, 2010 :

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  1. Jeff Arkin says:

    Wow! What’s up with Bruce and Emma’s distant body language?? Not as intimate as we normally see…

  2. Bruno Radolini says:

    Would be nice to see him with some hair in the next movies))

  3. Brad says:

    That’s odd to see these photos. I was leaving the restaurant at the same time as Bruce and Emma and saw what they had to go through to try and get to their car. Don’t judge their relationship by it Jeff. Lol. There was a ton of paps running around and blocking them and it was quite scary to see what those guys do to celebs. They were just trying to get to their car quickly and safely

  4. Jeff Arkin says:

    Wow! What are the chances that you were at the same restaurant, at the same time and you aren’t in pictures in the background because you apparently followed them to their car and watched them leave. I also believe in Unicorns…

    • Jenny says:

      Jeff, relax. You were the one that made the comment about their “distant body language.” What would you like? Should they pose for the paps?
      Thanks for the comment Brad. I’ve seen those paps too stalk celebs. They knocked down my friend once to get a photo of Orlando Bloom. They are aggressive and out of line.

  5. Brad says:

    Hey Jeff. The restaurant that they were coming out of (and that we were eating at) is called Tavern in Brentwood. Not sure what I would get out of lying. Do you? Cheer up man.

  6. jenny says:

    hey guys, do u know what kind of car Bruce drives and what color he likes?

  7. patti says:

    i agree with Jeff. Odd photos.
    If you didnt’ know who they were, you’d think they were strangers walking down the same street.

  8. cintia says:

    Why are they walking like strangers in the distance? They are a lovely couple dispite he is one of the most handsome actors, she is gorgius … I envy her, she is so lucky

  9. ErfaN A says:

    No Hair
    I don’t Like Bruce With Hair

  10. yayan says:

    with Tallulah too right ?…why are they separate ways…? to avoid the paparazzi ?

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