Bruce Willis in “Red” – new HQ movie stills

Added 6 new HQ movie stills with Bruce Willis in “Red” :

…and a French poster for “Red” :

    5 Responses to “Bruce Willis in “Red” – new HQ movie stills”

  1. Anka says:

    Bruce must have had a face-lift, right?

    • Jennifer says:

      A face lift requires cutting by or around the ears. He wouldn’t be able to hide the scars if he did. So no he didn’t have a face lift. He just looks good for 55. Have you ever seen his mother? 75 years old and looks 60. Good genes in their family.

      • Anka says:

        I know it would be hard to cover the scars but he doesn’t look the way he used to. I don’t see those deep lines in his face, he looks younger than before. Maybe it’s love…

  2. dj75 says:

    siempre estoy atento a sus peliculas al igual que con las de stallone /arnold /gibson este sera otro exito de taquilla le deseo lo mejor desde caracas venezuela dj75

  3. Jennifer says:

    LOL! I think it’s LOVE :)

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