Bruce Willis attends the “Red” Photocall in Berlin – Oct 18, 2010

Bruce Willis attends a photocall to present the movie “Red” at the Regent Hotel on October 18, 2010 in Berlin, Germany :

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  1. günther Z. says:

    Dear Mr. Bruce Willis, i was surprised, that you are German (born).
    You may know ZUFFENHAUSEN (stuttgart) in Germany. This is the Place iam from.
    Well, it seems to me, that we are the same Generation and i would like to know, if you know some German,
    ( then it would be great to you to look and listen to stirb langsam 4.0 dodookay at YOU TUBE.
    If you are around Stuttgart / Germany, you are wellcome in our place, there is always an Expresso or something for you and yours. LOG, G.

  2. yayan says:

    Bruce Willis up close is very handsome…

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