April 19, 2011 candids

Bruce Willis and Emma out and about on April 19, 2011 :

    7 Responses to “April 19, 2011 candids”

  1. Ellen says:

    What a lovely couple. I think they are so sweet together. Congrats Bruce. You’re looking great too 😉

  2. Barbara says:

    Great pictures, as usual. Thanks!

  3. Jeff Arkin says:

    Once again, you can FEEL the love between these two…

  4. Inna :) says:

    You’re simply a dream :)

  5. Inna :) says:

    You’re really a dream … :)

  6. Ellen says:

    Noticed that Bruce’s wife Emma has a twitter acct. @EmmaHeming

  7. yayan says:

    Emma is very beautiful like Demi, Bruce a lucky man..

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